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Growth in Everything

Sat Nam, beautiful souls <3

Recently, I have been reflecting a lot on growth. What it means to grow...what it means to learn...what it means to truly evolve. I have been noticing that whenever we try to grow, mostly our efforts are met with new and exciting teachings. When there is a genuine eagerness to better yourself, life has a beautiful way of presenting people and situations that reflect your level of understanding, and push you to expand beyond that. Sometimes, however, the growth comes in the most unexpected, and seemingly unpleasant, ways.

This current Solar Eclipse portal has certainly put me in a position to confront parts of myself that I thought I had let go of. The beauty in true growth is that in the exact moment that we are about to expand and step into a totally new realm of self-realization and mastery, usually we have to come face to face with the darkness. The shadow. The things we shove under the rug about ourselves.

This Solar Eclipse has given me, personally, an opportunity to experience an internal rebirth. Specifically, my mind has been the topic that God wants me to examine. Have I been letting my mind serve me, or have I been the servant to my mind? In a perfect world, I would love to say that I have been masterful over my mind, that I have been 100% disciplined in my spiritual practice, and that I have been the gentlest I can be towards myself and others. But that would be in a "perfect" world. The reality is that I have come face to face with understanding that with new growth, means deeper and more honest self-reflection.

We are all here to learn and grow. Every time we evolve, we can look back and say, "wow, I thought I knew something, but really I knew nothing." The mind is a most powerful and useful ally when we know how to work with it. When we make space to fine-tune our minds, we become closer friends to our True Nature. We can observe the Light and Dark in a neutral, meditative way. As we steer off the path, and neglect the things that support us in remaining centered and clear, sometimes the neurosis of our minds and psyche begin to take over. It can be that simple.

The insecure, reactive, and emotionally distressed side can begin to communicate for you. Surprisingly, this side of us can also convince us that we know what we are "talking" about. It can become a very tricky back-and-forth paradigm. This Solar Eclipse has made me really understand, on such a deeper level, the importance of integrating lessons. Are you really listening?

Have I been truly listening?

It is humbling to acknowledge your mistakes and flaws. It's humbling to admit when you have hurt someone else's feelings, and that you know you need to work on yourself. Just remember that no matter what happens, forgiveness is the key to freedom. There is nothing on this planet that happens by accident. I personally believe that God presents us with gifts to grow. We can either accept the hard lesson and do the work to recreate our lives to match our new vibration, or we can wallow in self-pity and remain stagnant in our emotions.

A huge lesson I received during this Solar Eclipse upgrade: reach out to your loved ones and support circles when you are experiencing discomfort that wishes to be expressed.

It's healthy to express yourself so that you can ease the storm. If you keep emotions inside and let them build to a maximum level, they can become misdirected and destructive. I have found that this is where my work is. My work is to maintain healthy relations and communication with my loved ones, so that I can feel humble enough to ask for advice and help. With this new method in my life, I feel confident that my emotional life will go from feeling like thunder and lightning storms to occasional rain showers.

I give gratitude and thanks to God and Nature for providing a powerful platform for growth.

I'd like to give one more example of what growth looks like to me, on a very tangible level. I learned many moons ago that in India, when a music teacher agrees to give you lessons, you show up to that class no matter what. There is an agreement between teacher and student that is honored and respected. The dynamic between elder and youth is usually clear and respectful.

In the West, however, I see that not keeping with your agreements is a little more common. There is not as clear a dynamic of respect between youth and elders. This week, I met with an Indian Ragi who immediately agreed to give me harmonium lessons. His essence, and the look he gave me when agreeing to teach me, said everything. We had made a very serious contract, even though very little words were spoken about it.

I saw in his eyes a level of commitment to teaching me that I would never want to disrespect. It was a brief moment, but in that exact instant, I grew. I realized that all my previous moments of falling short, of making excuses, and of not showing up for myself and others is no longer tolerable.

Again, I give thanks for these moments. God does not give us what we cannot handle.

I pray that you and your loved ones remain centered and connected during these shifts. I pray that you continue to receive what you need for your highest alignment. It has been an honor and privilege of mine to begin to serve to a larger audience. With that, comes a greater responsibility to live in my Highest Integrity.

For this, I am infinitely grateful.

Bless you!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Preeti Prakash

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