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Kundalini Yoga: Where does it come from?

Kundalini Yoga is an exceptionally special practice, but it is not well-known. So where exactly does it come from?

Kundalini Yoga originated in India, and it was kept private for thousands of years. Only certain people were taught this ancient and expansive technology. Other ancient civilizations discussed energy that was similar to the way Kundalini is described - but this particular yogic practice is rooted in India. Kundalini Yoga was kept in there, in India, until the late 1960s, when a man named Yogi Bhajan received the blessing, in a sacred vision, to bring this discipline and wisdom to the West. Kundalini Yoga was offered publicly, and was an alternative to drug misuse. Many people were searching for God, or a Higher Consciousness, through the use/misuse of substances. Kundalini Yoga came as a saving grace for those souls who wished to continue their expansion without needing to take harmful substances.

It was through a self-initiation process that the teachings of Kundalini Yoga inspired which created a massive wave of influence across the globe. Kundalini Yoga was now being taught all over the West, making its way to different countries as more and more people were trained to become teachers. The effects of this practice are clear and powerful. With more teachers arising through the 1970s-1990s, the technology continued to spread, and so much creativity has blossomed from this lineage. Here we are in 2021, and there are still large waves of souls being trained to teach this knowledge.

Kundalini Yoga is deeply connected to the sacred sound current, or Naad. It is common to hear live music and chanting in a Kundalini Yoga class. The language used in Kundalini Yoga is Gurmukhi, unlike most other styles of yoga, which use Sanskrit. Kundalini Yoga has its own sound vibration, unique to its roots and region of India.

The uniqueness of this practice is evident when you sit to take a class - it is truly unlike other forms of yoga. It has its own identity; Kundalini Yoga enhances all other practices as well. Creativity is at the core of Kundalini, as our primal energy is creativity...Kundalini aligns us with our Shakti energy. There are infinite possibilities for our soul's expression. We need to have the discipline and determination to shift our reality from fate to Destiny - where we become the ultimate creators of our lives. Kundalini Yoga has the capacity to transform our lives entirely. Try to find a local class being offered in your community to experience its beauty.

With earnest effort, you will see positive changes.

Let's give gratitude and thanks that this special technology has spread across the world from its roots in India. Thank you to India for offering mankind this powerful medicine.

Blessings to you all!

Peace and Love,

Sat Nam

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