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Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa

Many people ask me how I met my husband. They look for answers such as "through a friend" or "online," which are both true.

The truest answer, however, is that I met him by my reciting of a sacred Shabad known as Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa. This beautiful Shabad is specifically sung or recited to heal longing/loneliness or to summon your soulmate. At the time when I began to recite this, I was fully ready to meet my husband. I discovered this Shabad and knew it was meant for me to use.

A Shabad is a sacred song or poem from the Sikh tradition. There are thousands of Shabads, and each of them has a specific energetic effect on our soul. Shabads are all profoundly powerful, peaceful, and uplifting. In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, we utilize Shabads as a way to pray and align ourselves with what we feel is best for us. To recite a Shabad, it must be read aloud 11x a day for a minimum of 40 days. In the case of Mangala Saaj Bhai-aa, you must recite it 11x a day for a minimum of 90 days.

I began my journey in 2020 with this Shabad, and I met my husband a couple of weeks after starting. My prayer was so clear and faithful. It brought me my husband, and will forever be one of my all-time favorite Shabads. I am certain that this is how God united me and my husband, Jujar. This is a unique technology that can be used by anyone, from all walks of life.

The full Shabad can be found here:

Mangala saaj bhai-aa prabh apnaa gaa-i-aa raam.

Abhinaasee var suni-aa man upji-aa chaa-i-aa raam.

Man preet laagä vadä bhaagä kab milee-ä puran patay.

Sehjay samaa-ee-ä govind paa-ee-ä dayho sakhee-ay mohi matay.

Din rän thaadhee kara-o sayvaa prabh kavan jugtee paa-i-aa.

Binvant naanak karahu kirpaa lähu mohi larh laa-i-aa


The time of rejoicing has come; I sing of my Beloved One.

I have heard of my Imperishable Divine Husband, and happiness fills my mind.

My mind is in love with Him; when shall I realize my great good fortune,

and meet with my Perfect Husband?

If only I could meet the Lord of the Universe, and be automatically absorbed into Him;

tell me how, O my companions!

Day and night, I stand and serve the Divine; how can I attain Him?

Prays Nanak, have mercy on me and attach me to the hem of Your robe, O Creator.

This incredible tool is here for us to approach life in a sacred and humble way. If you are interested in learning more about Shabads, also spelled Shabd, you can visit or

There are lots of amazing resources on those websites.

Blessings to all, and Sat Nam

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