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My Music Album, 'Bee Heard'

Beloved family,

I released a music album on August 1, 2019. It was the completion of an art project that represented some really beautiful memories of the music I made in the past, yet also reflects music that is more relevant to my current focus and devotion.

The link to access the major platforms it is available on is:

I chose very carefully not to publicize it at the time, because truly, this project was not made for recognition - it was made with my full heart as a way to express myself and share what was created between me and forces of life that shaped who I am. I am so incredibly grateful for this project.

I would like to share a bit about the project and each track, so you can have a deeper understanding of this container.

Before I do that, I would also like to preface the publication of this album on my website by saying...this is reflective of a period of time in my life. It does not shape the wholeness of my being, but it does capture some essence of my being. Music is infinite, and so this album is a reflection of the infinite inspiration that comes into our lives when we need an outlet for art.

I have transitioned (very happily) into primarily singing devotional music...specifically, kirtan of the Sikh lineage. With that being said, I am proud of the production of this album, and I look forward to sharing kirtan and mantra with you on future projects.

As for the album, Bee Heard:

The title was given to me in a vision/dream, when I was contemplating whether or not to share my music with a larger audience. It was clear that the music needed to "Bee Heard" on some sort of larger capacity (outside of my own room hehe). I have a special connection with bees since I was a little girl. My childhood bedroom was sky blue and decorated with bumble bees in every corner. Thank you, bees! Thank you, vision!

Track 1) Mool Mantra is something I still sing regularly. It is an incredibly important composition in the Sikh lineage. It is also a mantra that is used widely in Kundalini Yoga. It is written in Gurmukhi script. I am so grateful for the production and engineering of this track. It is raw, real, and the percussion has a special place in my heart.

Track 2) Ocean of Time I love this track. This is the first track I ever recorded of myself. The quality of this track has a lo-fi vibe because I literally sang into my computer using GarageBand without any microphones! I edited myself on GarageBand and then had it edited a small amount to fit the levels of the other songs on this album. I wrote this song in the matter of about 10 minutes on a full moon cycle. I was inspired by the relationship between Yemaya and Obatala (two African deities of the Yoruban tradition). Yemaya is the Goddess who governs the sea, and Obatala is connected to the sky. I was in a deep meditation about the love between the sea and the sky. The romance that exists between these two forces of nature. This was during a period in my life where I had genuine interest and study of the Yoruban lineage. Beautiful moments in my life Thank you to Da'vid for making this incredible beat.

Track 3) Adi Shakti is another mantra that is widely used in Kundalini Yoga and in Sikhism. I still sing this regularly. It calls upon Divine Feminine/Mother energy, and connects us to the primal force, and creative force, of nature. For me, it has a softening effect on the heart and makes me feel graceful and sweet.

Track 4) Somos Libres...I love you. This is an original song that I wrote when I was in one of the deepest prayers for myself. I call this song my "space clearing" song. I was at a major turning point in my life, when I transitioned from devoting my life to external teachers and guides, to going within and discovering my True Nature as the daughter of Waheguru Ji. I was sitting in my bedroom and I began to play the guitar chords and all of a sudden, these words in Spanish began to come out naturally. As if I had sung this song my whole life. I had to make sure that the lyrics that were flowing from my Soul were actually the message I was trying to send. I am not a Spanish speaker, so this was a really beautiful journey for me. I trusted in God and this song is a result of my prayer. I am forever humbled by this song, and it will always have a very very very special place in my heart. Thank God for this song.

Track 5) Falling in Love...Right after I wrote 'Ocean of Time' ...I was in an inspiration/creation vortex and more music needed to come out of me. I can remember exactly what I was doing right before I channeled this song. I was drinking chlorophyll in East Hampton, New York (I was nannying for a beautiful family who had a summer home there) and the chlorophyll mixed with the Full Moon that was occurring was an amazing platform for me to feel light, bright, and filled with sweet nectar. I remember my face was filled with the Love of the Universe this night. I was so in love with Love (the feeling of bliss and nectar). I was alone, and filled to the brim with bliss this evening. These words naturally came out of me as I heard this beat (which my friend Da'vid made! Thank you, brother!) Again, I recorded this song by singing at my computer into GarageBand, without any microphones. I was smiling the whole time. Can you feel the love?

Track 6) Guadalupe - On 12/12/2018 (the Day of Guadalupe), I was overcome with a deep feminine Grace that stayed with me the whole day. When I returned home from work, I lit a candle in my room and all of a sudden, I was singing this song! I was singing without any instrument, but when I decided to record this song, I felt that koshi chimes were perfect for the vibe I was looking for. The flute was later added by the producer of the album...I am still meditating on the layers of this song, and how to work with it to really capture what was happening in my room that night. But this is what we did in the studio. I am happily amazed to hear that many people say this is their favorite song on the album. Was not expecting that.

Track 7) Eternal Fire...Firstly, this beat is fire. It's incredible. When I heard this beat, I just started singing these lyrics. Again, I recorded this song by singing at my computer into GarageBand, without any microphones. It is extremely raw and real. I recorded this song right after 'Falling in Love' ...this was a unique and beautiful process. This song was made for the wisdom and sun-energy that resides inside of us all. We all have an inner-grandfather. Speak to him when you need support. This type of fire is steady, everlasting, and deeply nourishing.

Track 8) You Are My Sunshine...This song is dedicated to my mother, who always sang this to me when I was growing up. Whenever I sing this song, I have the DEEPEST sense of Joy. I can feel my Mother's joy, and how she may have felt singing it to me as a baby. I used my hand drum for this song because it's my heartbeat, and what's closer to our heart than our own mother singing to us? Thank you, Mama.

Bless you all! Please feel free to reach out if you want to connect about any songs on the album. It was made with Love. Thank you, family.

I would like to give a special shout out to Victoria Adams for making the album art, Juliana Rath for taking this photo of me for the album cover, Da'vid for your one-of-a-kind beats that inspire me so deeply, Dizzy for helping me record and edit a few tracks, and Jarrett Zellea for being the master mind behind the production, mastering, and engineering of this whole project. With a sincere heart, I send my utmost gratitude.

May you receive what you need, always in all ways. Sat Nam. <3

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