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Rapid Changes in the World; Aquarian Age

As you can see, the world is changing. The type of change that is occurring right now has never happened before – it’s fresh and it’s very real. There have been numerous prophecies about our current climate, and our current state of affairs; now we are actually living it – seeing it with our own eyes. The recalibration can be hard to understand, as the energetics of what is happening is beyond some of our concepts of reality. It is imperative that we begin to accept that times have changed, and we must put in effort to keep up with the flow of life…to rise and evolve as a family, here to lift each other up.

The Aquarian Age began fairly recently, and its effects have already been colossal - it has shed light on sincere global issues - from climate change, to women’s rights, racial injustice, animal cruelty, and so much more. We have seen incredible injustices within the human race. The energy of the Aquarian Age is a platform for us, as a species, to wake up and realize what our world has actually been like. Is we serving the Earth? Are we serving our higher good? While the energy of the Aquarian Age expands and deepens, many beautiful things have come from it. It is absolutely true that the feminine voice is rising again…that the feminine essence of existence is taking back its power and showing the world what it’s made of. It is absolutely true that there is a masculine and feminine balance happening on the Earth, causing much upheaval within nations where women have been treated as inferior for literally thousands of years. This is all true...but what I have begun to realize is that it’s really not just about “masculine and feminine” anymore. Yes, it’s important that women are seen as equal, and yes, it’s important that the voices of women are respected and appreciated.

More than that, the age that we are moving into is a humanitarian age. This time calls for every single person and every single voice to be heard. This transition on the planet is so far beyond masculine and feminine. This change is for all beings, gender-oriented or not. Four-legged, two-legged, winged, or finned. All colors and all shapes and all sizes have been trying to co-exist in a system that only honors a select few.

Seriously, the time has come to change that. That’s why the Aquarian Age is all about rewriting history and the future so that no matter who and what you are, you feel you have a place here…not just to survive, but to thrive. I was and still am very passionate about women’s rights. As a woman, I feel deeply connected to the messages that Earth sends to her children, and the way a woman feels it personally. I am connected to my moon cycle, and my intuition, and yes, I do feel that it’s imperative that more women rise to know herself more. The feminine rising is just one aspect of the macrocosm of Shift that is occurring.

Men and women and non-binary individuals all need to know themselves. They need to trust what they feel is true for them. Respect and tolerance are no longer hopes for the future, it is a required and mandatory frame of mind for the NOW. We need to adopt acceptance and unconditional love for all beings that have life.

As the energies of our world may seem like overwhelming tides, crashing and trashing around us, we have some exceptional tools available to us at all times (given you are living in a nation where you have some choice on how to live – that’s another part of this macrocosm of Shift – not everyone has the same rights and freedom).

However, here are some exceptional tools that have been made more available to a larger percentage of mankind:

*Eat really well. Honestly, this can and will change your life. What you put into your body makes you. If you cut out sugar and junk food, you will see a positive change in your mindset, your energy levels, and your sleeping patterns. You can begin gradually and experiment with eating no processed foods for a period of time. I did no processed foods for 40 days and it was profoundly life altering. I noticed that even my emotions had less of an impact on me, because I was so clear and clean in my body temple. Cooking at home is the best way to eat! Make your foods from scratch whenever possible and bless your food before you eat it. You will taste the difference.

*Drink ample amounts of water. It sounds simple but most people do not drink enough water. Water is life. Having room temperature or warm water/hot tea is medicine for the body. Drink water when you have strong emotions, and drink water throughout your day to stay energized, hydrated, and maintaining regularity with your bowels.

*Get adequate rest. Again, it sound simple, but many people stay up late watching TV or looking at social media. It’s enticing to stay up late, but sometimes (and most of the time) what your body needs is more sleep. Feeling well-rested is probably the greatest feeling! Make rest and sleep a priority so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated. They say that any hour of sleep before 10 is equal to two hours. Hallelujah!

*Practice Yoga and Meditation. This cannot be encouraged enough. The Aquarian Age requires humans to have stronger nervous systems, because loads of energy and information is being exchanged. It can be overwhelming and taxing to the body, and so we must replenish and nourish ourselves with yoga and meditation. We must gain access to our neutral and meditative mind to understand what peace truly is. Without a clear mind, we will not be able to follow our hearts. Following our hearts is the most important state to live in, and through a steady and consistent yoga and meditation practice, we can align with our heart’s true voice. My favorite practice is Kundalini Yoga.

*Volunteer. There are multiple terms for ‘volunteering’. Some call it karma yoga…I call it seva. You can also simply say volunteering. Break out from your everyday routine and give your selfless service to the world. What feeds your soul? Do you wish to help children? Do you wish to cook for people? Do you wish to clean temples or drive an elderly person to the store to get groceries? There are endless amounts of services available, and people need your help. Your heart will feel good for donating your time and energy into helping others. Share your kindness with the world.

*Sing and dance. That’s right! Connect to the ancient practice of singing and dancing. Put some tunes on that get you grooving let yourself flow! If you feel a blockage around this, then do it when you have some time alone and allow yourself to move without judgment for how it looks or how it sounds. Once you are more comfortable with it, maybe you will be more open to express yourself in front of others.

When a person feels peaceful, happy, and joyful, they don’t want to harm others. These practices mentioned above are just pieces of the macrocosm of Shift. They will help support you in keeping the body, mind, and spirit healthy and strong. It begins with you! If you are not taking the time to bring joy to yourself, then it’s time to rewrite that story. Once you are feeling radiant, you can help others access their radiance. The betterment of the future begins with your self-love and self-honor. The world really needs our love and compassion, and with more people becoming aware of this, we will continue to see lasting positive changes.

This is a time for all beings. All injustices need attention and we need to work together to recreate reality. All beings must feel honored, validated, heard, and seen. The Aquarian Age is a humanitarian age. Togetherness, unity, and community. Be good to yourself.

Sat Nam

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