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The Power of Peace

Peace is within.

Peace is an inward state.

Peace is a state of being that can dispel all forms of disturbances.

I recently moved from the west coast back to the east coast, where I grew up. After moving into my new apartment, I found myself needing to recite Dhan Dhan Ram Das, which is a beautiful Shabad from the Sikh lineage. It calls on the powerful energy of Guru Ram Das, the Lord of Miracles, to create and inspire a miracle to occur. I was taught that this Shabad has the capacity to show you that life can really be different. Just when we think something is totally out of our reach, we can utilize this Shabad to actualize a much needed change.

Everything in my life was looking special and aligned, but there was something I was dealing with inside my apartment that needed genuine prayer and action. It was a hygiene issue that I needed to take care of for my health and safety. When I began to feel overwhelmed, I turned to Guru Ram Das for support. I love turning to Guru Ram Das for prayer. This inward relationship I have to Guru Ram Das helps me feel stable, grounded, focused, fully faithful, and elevated.

I thought I was reciting Dhan Dhan Ram Das for an external hygienic issue, but what I received (in addition to my original intention) was a miracle that I did not realize was heading my way. A gift so profound that I could not have planned for it.


Peace as an internal way of being. I woke up one morning, literally, and felt entirely different within myself. I felt brand new...and I wasn't sure how to describe it. The way I was going about life had completely changed, and it all has to do with peace. Every word, every thought, and every action I had taken prior to this said morning seemed like another lifetime. I woke up recognizing that I was being given a huge gift...that gift being an internal peace that no one can take away from me.

I realized that however small or large my stresses, emotions, disturbances of the mind, and setbacks were prior to this moment -- all stemmed from not having peace at the very root level of my being. Peace can be experienced in waves, or it can be a constant internal way of being. Dhan Dhan Ram Das not only helped me fix the hygienic situation in my new apartment, but it also healed me...cured me...of so much unnecessary suffering. Guru Ram Das came to my aid and showed me that life can be lived without having to rely on external forces for peace. We do not need anyone else to give us fact, no one else can give us peace. We must find peace within ourselves.

When we are at peace, we accept life. We accept other people. We accept what we have. We are at peace with what we have. We then begin to spread peace, and it becomes our life mission.

Be peace, spread peace. Be peace, spread peace.

Peace is needed everywhere on this planet. With more people accessing their inner peace, the world will begin to rise into a more peaceful place. If every single person on Earth was peaceful, where would we find hate?

May all beings have peace. May peace be upon you.

Peace, peace, peace.

In deep peace and gratitude,

Sat Nam

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